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There is NO Fucking answers here

How do I place an order?

Are you out of your mind? Were you born yesterday? Never bought anything on the internet? Seriously, go back under your rock. Even reading this is making me nervous – no, scratch that, it's making me lose faith in humanity. Who in their right mind needs an FAQ for "How to buy things"? Click the shirt, add it to the cart, enter your details, and pay up. It's not rocket science, it's basic internet shopping. Get with the program!

What makes your t-shirts unique?

It's damn AI-generated art, mixed and jazzed up by actual human hands in Photoshop. So you can cackle like a maniac when your friends unwrap these as gifts. If you can't see what's unique about these designs, then buddy, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe try Walmart – because clearly, subtlety and genius are lost on you. Wake up and smell the innovation, genius!

Can I return this piece of crap?

"Of course not" – is what I'd love to say. But thanks to laws and some fairy-tale notion of customer service, fine, you can send it back. And I'll toss it straight in the trash, because who'd want to wear something this epic after it's been tainted by your indecisiveness? Remember, every return contributes to our planet's demise. So congrats, you're not just a fashion criminal now, you're also an eco-villain. Hope those kittens haunt you in your dreams for eternity. You're welcome.

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