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Who We Are

Welcome to Offensive Kittens, a one-man labor of love where humor and art collide. I'm the founder, designer, and artist behind each unique t-shirt. Born from a desire to blend edgy humor with quirky art, my creations are more than just apparel—they're a personal statement and a nod to those who like a bit of mischief in their wardrobe.


Please note that this website and all of this content and also my t-shirt designs are created with the intention of spreading humor and joy. They are meant for amusement, pranking friends or relatives, and for those who appreciate a light-hearted approach to fashion. My goal is never to offend or humiliate anyone.

I understand that humor is subjective and what may be funny to some might not appeal to others. If you find joy and amusement in these playful designs, I warmly invite you to explore and enjoy my collection. However, if you feel that this style of humor is not to your liking, I respect your viewpoint and suggest refraining from purchasing these items.

As a designer, I express my creativity through these designs, seeing them as a medium for friendly, fun, and humorous expression. My intentions are always rooted in bringing a smile and a moment of lightheartedness. If your perspective differs, I kindly ask you to simply not engage with these designs. Thank you for understanding and respecting the artistic vision behind my work.

Additionally, I do not take responsibility for any misuse or misunderstandings arising from these designs. They are intended for light-hearted purposes only, and any negative outcomes due to their inappropriate use or misinterpretation are not under my control. Please use discretion and consider the context in which you choose to wear these designs. Thank you for understanding and respecting the artistic vision behind my work.

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